I am not an actor

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSince high school I became aware that I am not an actor. That hasn't stopped me from criticising actors, nor should it; just because I can't bake a decent soufflé doesn't mean I can't tell if one is bad. However, a friend started a film project in a genre that required low standards of acting; a Z-grade science fiction film in the traditions of Ed Wood. Unfortunately I don't think my skills even extend to that level. Fortunately, the project is just a short film. At this point, filming is about half done. I'm not involved with post production (at this stage) but I did discuss creating a web site with the director and was given the "please feel free".

I had a quick look around and decided to go with GoDaddy despite the amount of negative posts around the place. I didn't want to mess around evaluating different companies, to find the best value place, only to have them fold under me in a couple months like happened with the original host for pop1. The value seems excellent too; for US$40/yr I got the domain registered, 5 Gig space, 250Gig/month bandwidth, 10 MySQL databases, 100 emails. Good enough.

So I quickly slapped together a title web page for the film with the limited amount of materials I had at my disposal. A work in progress but at least the site would be up and have something to show for it. I expect large changes along the way before release of the film.

I then looked at the various scripts I could use. GoDaddy have a bunch of ready made software packages that you can install, including: blogs, content management systems, forums, eshops, wikis, guestbooks etc. Or you can install your own if you're game.

I wanted to create my own code, so I created a small test Python script but had no luck getting it to run (changed permissions, folders, extensions .py/.cgi). I sent an email off to support and they promptly replied with an email telling me that to run Python scripts I need a Deluxe or Premium account along with instructions on how to upgrade. *sigh* I missed the email the first time around - the response was actually quite quick. Ah well, just PHP apps for me.

So the site: Atomic Armageddon.

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The Director, Dammit! said...

Dammit, if I'd wanted "actors" I would have hung around the employee's entrance at Mickey D's!

I don't make films to feel bad, I make bad films to feel good!

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