Books read in 2013

Below is a list of books, with my rating, that I read in 2013, nearly all via audible.com

514Peter Clines
5Absolution GapAlastair Reynolds
5Blue Remembered EarthAlastair Reynolds
5Brave New WorldAldous Huxley
5Chasm CityAlastair Reynolds
5Ender's Game Alive: The Full Cast AudioplayOrson Scott Card
5Great North Road - Part OnePeter F. Hamilton
5Great North Road - Part TwoPeter F. Hamilton
5House of SunsAlastair Reynolds
5InversionsIain M. Banks
5Mindstar Rising: The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 1Peter F. Hamilton
5Pushing IceAlastair Reynolds
5RedshirtsJohn Scalzi
5Surface DetailIain M. Banks
5The Player of Games: Culture Series, Book 2Iain M. Banks
5The PrefectAlastair Reynolds
4A Quantum Murder: The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 2Peter F. Hamilton
4Century RainAlastair Reynolds
4Consider Phlebas: Culture Series, Book 1Iain M. Banks
4ExcessionIain M. Banks
4Heir of Novron: Riyria Revelations, Volume 3Michael J. Sullivan
4Redemption ArkAlastair Reynolds
4Revelation SpaceAlastair Reynolds
4Rise of Empire: Riyria Revelations, Volume 2Michael J. Sullivan
4The Hydrogen Sonata: Culture, Book 10Iain M. Banks
4The Nano Flower: The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 3Peter F. Hamilton
4Theft of Swords: Riyria Revelations, Volume 1Michael J. Sullivan
4Time for the StarsRobert A. Heinlein
4Use of Weapons: Culture Series, Book 3Iain M. Banks
3On the Steel BreezeAlastair Reynolds
3The Man in the High CastlePhilip K. Dick
2Terminal WorldAlastair Reynolds