MENSA Intelligence Test

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOh yay, another test. However, this test is kind of brain stretching for a while, and the positive feedback you get from striving to be in the genius category is rather happy-making. Note: there are mistakes in the questions (see below)

I got 31/33 without looking anything up, just sitting for half an hour, occasionally pushing my fist into my forehead. For some questions I just plugged through every word I could think of starting with the given letter and eventually it fell out. Spoilerish: Then I realised that some might be religious based and three questions just popped out really easily. Thank the relevant deity that I know about cricket, rugby, soccer and christianity.

THE ORIGNAL TEST HAS ERRORS: After searching about for the two questions I could not get, I find that they have mistakes in the questions themselves. Apostrophes are ignored, "8 T on a O" should be "8 T on an O", and the worst is "100 C in a E" is actually supposed to be "100 C in a D". Pathetic. So I edited the test and plonked it on my own site.

So working these out means that I'm a genius by MENSA standards eh? This tells me that the standards are pretty low there. I am guessing that MENSA is about making people feel that they are smart more than actually being smart. And I should know; I'm a genius.
Original test site | Story on DIGG

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