Books read 2014

Below are the books that I read during 2014 and my rating out of 5.
5+The MartianAndy Weir
5+Ready Player OneErnest Cline
5+Gone Girl: A NovelGillian Flynn
5InfluxDaniel Suarez
5GatewayFrederik Pohl
5The World at the End of TimeFrederik Pohl
5At the Mountains of MadnessH. P. Lovecraft
5Against a Dark BackgroundIain M. Banks
5Feersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
5Look to Windward: Culture SeriesIain M. Banks
5MatterIain M. Banks
5Fuzzy NationJohn Scalzi
5Lock InJohn Scalzi
5Old Man's War (OMW#1)John Scalzi
5The Ghost Brigades (OMW#2)John Scalzi
5The Human Division (OMW#5)John Scalzi
5The Last Colony (OMW#3)John Scalzi
5Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted HackerKevin Mitnick, W.L.Simon
5Red RisingPierce Brown
5Dimension of MiraclesRobert Sheckley
4BlackoutConnie Willis
4Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory Doctorow
4Freedom (TM)Daniel Suarez
4The Pixar Touch: The Making of a CompanyDavid A. Price
4The Dragon in the SeaFrank Herbert
4Beyond the Blue Event HorizonFrederik Pohl
4Heechee RendezvousFrederik Pohl
4The Annals of the HeecheeFrederik Pohl
4The Boy Who Would Live ForeverFrederik Pohl
4The Space MerchantsFrederik Pohl, C.M.Kornbluth
4The AlgebraistIain M. Banks
4Confessions of a D-List SupervillainJim Bernheimer
4Storm FrontJim Butcher
4A Hymn Before Battle: Legacy of the AldenataJohn Ringo
4Rules of PreyJohn Sanford
4Agent to the StarsJohn Scalzi
4The Android's DreamJohn Scalzi
4Zoe's Tale (OMW#4)John Scalzi
4Monster Hunter InternationalLarry Correia
4Hollow WorldMichael J. Sullivan
4American GodsNeil Gaiman
4The Junkie QuatrainPeter Clines
4TimeboundRysa Walker
4A short stay in HellSteven Peck
4The 9th GirlTami Hoag
3The Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester
3FarsideBen Bova
3Grave SightCharlaine Harris
3All ClearConnie Willis
3The PlaygroundRay Bradbury
3A Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M. Miller
2Kill DecisionDaniel Suarez
2OutlanderDiana Gabaldon
2Whipping StarFrank Herbert
2BrillianceMarcus Sakey
2Zero Day: A Jeff Aiken NovelMark Russinovich
2The Cat Who Walks through WallsRobert Heinlein
2FlashforwardRobert J. Sawyer
2NeuromancerWilliam Gibson

Books Read 2018

Below are the books that I read during 2018 and my rating out of 5. Rating Title Author Length 5 The Happiest Refugee Anh Do 6h 31m 5 Al...