Sharing is bad

If your neighbour asks you if he may borrow your lawn mower, you shouldn't let him. He should get his own mower and pay the mower company the money they deserve for designing, producing and marketing their product. If you bought Simon Singh's "The Code Book" and know a friend who would love it, you should not loan him your copy. If you like Hootie & the Blowfish and have purchased a copy of their music then you should most certainly not let anyone else hear it except you. If you transfer the music to files and give it to someone else then you are a criminal.

Criminals share.

If you like a product you should not share this information with other people. You should offer it for sale if they ask and sue them if they pass it on. Your opinion is your intellectual property. Sharing your opinion for free devalues the opinion. If you do give/sell your opinion to someone, make sure they sign a end user license agreement to not pass that opinion on to anyone else. You could also approach the company who owns the product for which you have an opinion, and ask them to sponsor you to publish your opinion. This is often mistaken for journalism.

The media industry has a problem. They appear to be a bunch of greedy middle men that will rip the guts out of an artist to generate as much income for themselves and their company. Their only talent is making money. Their alleged "nuturing artists" is more like "extorting artists". Often they will try to produce cheap popular crap that they shine up with as many special effects involving as few artists and more computer tinkering as possible and then commence the marketing. Marketing is their god. They inflate product price to "what the market will bare" and complain when people say "too expensive, I'm copying a friends." Rather than look at "why", the corporations start attacking the potential customer with legal proceedings. Such is the image of the media industry. Is it true?

There are plenty of forward thinking people in the world. There does not seem to be any in the media.

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