Brisbane Lions Losers

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe Brisbane Lions, Australian Rules Football team has not been doing very well the last two years and now things seem to be just getting messy. I am a member of the club and really don't mind the losses so much. So far this year we have had one win out of six games, but some of the matches were quite entertaining for me even though we lost. A star of the Lions side is Jason Akermanis. Jason isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but on his day he will play amazing football. Other teams seem to appreciate this fact and often have their top players or even two defenders marking him. However, on his bad days Jason can be too aggressive, take too many risky chances and make basic mistakes. This would pretty much go for any player in the game. What makes Jason really different, apart from his penchant for colouring various hairs in different shades, is that he likes to give his opinion to anyone who will listen. I have heard him talk only a few times, and although he is not the most eloquent of speakers, he often has a good point or is at least speaking from the heart. I actively avoid listening to football discussions outside of watching the match, but it appears that his coach, Leigh Matthews, does not. Leigh has got his knickers all tied up in a knot and has taken exception to Akermanis' off field banter. With Akermanis' last game's performance being sub par (little fella cost the Lions at least 12 points) Matthews decided to drop Akermanis from the team for an indefinite period. My uncle Alf would agree with this decision and even predicted this would happen while watching the last game. I am ambivalent about it all, there are some others in the team that I think should be spending some time in little league but they always seem to be there because they shut the hell up when they are not playing the game. Frankly I would really like to know what Matthews' beef is, because Akermanis has not date-raped anyone, has not slept with another footballer's wife (or anyone else other than Megan; his wife, as far as I know) or done any dirty deed off field that I know of. It seems to me that just because Jason has a little bit of personality and is loud then the coach feels he has a right to smack him down for speaking out. Hard to say, Matthews doesn't talk about it so how are you supposed to form an opinion. Not that I really care that much, however as time goes by I am getting less and less interested in paying large fees to see my team being beaten every week. If Akermanis is not out on the field making trouble then where is the entertainment going to come from? Picking on Bradshaw is fun for only just so long.

Just as a matter of interest - finding an image of coach Matthews was very easy, finding a good image of Akermanis is quite difficult.


Ninja said...

I agree Simon. Aka has been responsible off field and although he is outspoken it's hardly a reason to punish him. There are a lot of players in the Lions who should be relegated to the minor league. For the bare fact alone that teams will put 1 or 2 of their best defenders on aka is reason enough (no matter how badly he plays) as he is drawing good players away from others who can score. David Boon was talking about it in his weekly write up in a magazine called Zoo where he said that sport has become too "serious" and that there isn't enough characters like there was 20 years ago. I tend to agree. Sport is not all about winning its about entertainment for the fans. Aka never lets us down on that note.

Anonymous said...

Simon...Brisbane lions are, and always will be a notable side, despite the certain mistakes they have encountered. For you to judge Matthews coaching abilities is not what i would label as true fanatic behavior. Since you have such an opinionated contrast toward a club that you claim to support.
Au revour
- Anonymous Coward

Neoporcupine said...

Dearest Anonymous,
I am not a fanatic, I just appreciate the game. Fanatics can be a rather unreasonable sort of person, which makes discussion with them tedious to impossible. If you read the article then you would know that I would have liked more information about the situation (that happened over 2 years ago). You can support a club/organisation/country but still not agree with the management. Blind support is for the truly unthinking masses.

zaramccann said...

three in a row mate. remember that? Your a spoilt brat,

Neoporcupine said...

Yes I do remember three in a row. Very nice indeed. I also remember the Bears playing at the terrible venue of Carrara and carrying the wooden spoon. The move to the Gabba. The merger with Fitzroy.

None of which has anything to do with Matthews' right to stop Akermanis from expressing himself. I think that this was wrong. Obviously you don't. I am guessing that you would also like me to stop expressing my opinion. I don't have a problem with you thinking that way.

Your use of name calling is unjustified and assumes a level of familiarity with me that you obviously do not have. I don't intend to play that game as I would never infer to your obvious lack of education, your inability to think coherently, and I would never express the likelihood of a history of inbreeding along your family tree. That would be crass and I am sure it would be mostly incorrect.

Anonymous said...

AAAAhhhh ok then. Im sorry I offended you so much, it's funny, because usually when people get really offended at something, it's themselves desperately trying to deny it is in fact, THE TRUTH. In buisiness, and football, there is times of plenty, and times of hardship. During the hard times the commentators such a urself have a field day speculating as to WHO and WHY things have become.....well.....HARD all of a sudden. They will usually pont the finger at the boss and say ITS HIM! SACK THE BASTARD. Even though all the while the reality is it's just a normall buisiness CYCLE! You see mr neo. No need to panic, the lions will be back, and as long as they have very GREAT leaders such as Mr Mathews at the helm during the time of plenty, we may have a chance at ONE flag, if were lucky, TWO flags, and if were.....forget it! Three in a row is ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!

Neoporcupine said...

I am sorry. I don't see how what you are saying has anything to do with what I have said.

I really can't understand why you hate the Brisbane Lions so much. That you think the team should be torn apart is just because of financial issues is ridiculous. You realise that the Brisbane Lions have actually won the premiership more than once! This proves that they are a great team. People like you who want them all in jail are just crazy.

Do you see what I am saying?

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