Books Read 2018

Below are the books that I read during 2018 and my rating out of 5.

5The Happiest RefugeeAnh Do6h 31m
5AlterWorld: Play to Live, Book 1D. Rus12h 13m
5Inferno: Play to Live, Book 4D. Rus9h 58m
5The Clan: Play to Live, Book 2D. Rus12h 24m
5The Duty: Play to Live, Book 3D. Rus11h 23m
5Dungeon Born: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 1Dakota Krout12h 32m
5Dungeon Calamity: Divine Dungeon, Book 3Dakota Krout13h 12m
5Dungeon Madness: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 2Dakota Krout12h 1m
5The Singularity TrapDennis E. Taylor11h 23m
5Persepolis RisingJames S. A. Corey20h 34m
5ZodiacNeal Stephenson10h 16m
5True History of the Kelly GangPeter Carey13h 32m
5After On: A Novel of Silicon ValleyRob Reid22h 5m
4RevengerAlastair Reynolds14 h 38m
4Delvers LLC: Welcome to LudusBlaise Corvin13h 28m
4Obligations Incurred: Delvers LLC, Book 2Blaise Corvin9h 31m
4The Battle: Play to Live, Book 5D. Rus10h 17m
4The War: Play to Live, Book 6D. Rus10h 4m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack 2Devon C. Ford12h 11m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack 3Devon C. Ford13h 28m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack, Books 1 & 2Devon C. Ford12h 39m
4Going Rogue: Spells, Swords, & Stealth Series, Book 3Drew Hayes15h 19m
4NPCsDrew Hayes7h 50m
4Second Hand CursesDrew Hayes9h
4Split the Party: Spells, Swords, & Stealth Series #2Drew Hayes11h 19m
4My Squirrel DaysEllie Kemper6h 14m
4King Solomon's MinesHenry Rider Haggard8h 50m
4Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max [Redacted], Book 1J. L. Bourne8h 5m
4Babylon's Ashes: Book Six of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey19 h 58m
4Strange DogsJames S. A. Corey2 h 29m
4The Vital Abyss: An Expanse NovellaJames S. A. Corey2 h 26m
4InfiniteJeremy Robinson10h 21m
4StarswarmJerry Pournelle10 hrs
4Critical Failures V: Caverns and Creatures, Book 5Robert Bevan9h 33m
4Winter TideRuthanna Emrys12h 29m
4Red Seas Under Red SkiesScott Lynch25h 34m
4The Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch21h 59m
4The OutsiderStephen King18h 41m
4Will Save the Galaxy for FoodYahtzee Croshaw10h 20m
3Our Mutual FriendCharles Dickens36h 33m
3The Ultimation: Play to Live, Book 7: Play to Live, Book 7D. Rus9h 6m
3The Long TomorrowLeigh Brackett8h 27m
3InterfaceNeal Stephenson,
J. Frederick George
25h 15m
3Streams of Silver: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 2R. A. Salvatore11 h 54m
3The Crystal Shard: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 1R. A. Salvatore12 h 2m
3The Republic of ThievesScott Lynch23h 43m
3Shadowlith: Umbral Blade, Book 1Stuart Thaman7h 37m
2Silicon BloodArlan Andrews Sr.9h 57m
2Mother GoJames Patrick Kelly9h 56m
2Calculating GodRobert J. Sawyer12h 4m
2The TellingUrsula K. Le Guin6h 57m


VelectriX Ascent+29 (2018) e-bike

New bike day! VelectriX Ascent+29 (2018) electric power assisted mountain bicycle.

I moved to a suburb 12km farther out from work (now a 35km trip, 70km return), to a very hilly suburb with no protected cycling paths. I found that I was quite exhausted tackling the nearby hills on my road bike before I even got 5km out. I started cycling less, which ended up effectively being a two year break. I began looking at getting an e-bike so I could start cycling to work again.

I should also note that I live very close to a fairly hard core mountain bike course, and an easy ride to one of the better mountain bike trail areas in the state. I haven’t been a huge mountain bike fan, but the tracks are right there.

I looked around at a large number of e-bikes, eventually settling on the Ascent+29 by VelectriX. My reasoning included: a preference for the mid mounted motor, this bike seemed like good value, the somewhat larger 13.5Ah battery. There seems to be some confusion about battery capacity, the VelectriX site claims 13.5Ah, 99Bikes website says 13.6Ah, but the battery itself has 13.2Ah printed on it - embedded in what looks like the serial number.

I contacted VelectriX directly, who were pretty helpful, answering most of my questions. I asked how many teeth on the front chain wheel, but they didn’t know so I suspected it was the default 36, the Bafang site says there are three options: 36T 38T 42T. I also asked what a spare charger might cost, as I would likely need to charge at work as well as home. The guys at the retail store (99bikes) said that I should be able to make the trip both ways (70km) without the need for charging. Turns out this might not be true in my case. Note that the charger is bulky, but not particularly heavy, I could transport it in a backpack without issue if needed.

There are cables running under and outside the bottom of the mid mounted motor; is that safe? I could imagine a situation while doing the mountain bike trails that this area could easily get scraped. I didn't think that I would be doing that much trail riding, but I'll will update this blog if I start to notice any wear or damage.

There are no included headlamp or rear lights. The specs claim 21kg but after I added a small bag with tube and tools, a head lamp, drink cage, Garmin computer, Cycliq camera-light and arm mount, I get 23.8kg. It is possible that the naked bike was heavier than 21kg as I bought the large frame version, but I’m not going to dismantle my extra add-ons just to test this.

No place for the drink cage! Well, not the usual spots. I ended up with a cage that clamps on to your handle bars, which sounds insane but actually works quite well.

The quick-release on the front and back wheels were handy, although I only had to remove the front wheel to fit in the back of my VW Polo. Refitting the wheel took a little effort to line up with the hydraulic disc brakes despite the 99Bikes guys saying it will drop right in and you simply just clamp, I had to push on the wheel while engaging the quick-release.

The mini LCD display has the power button on the front (away side), you’re not going to accidentally power down, and plus/minus button on the back facing you. Holding the plus will active the backlight on the LCD display, holding the minus is the walk mode - pushing your bike along at a crawl. Tapping the minus/plus takes you down/up levels of assistance from 0 to 5. The LCD displays battery status in 4 bar levels, current speed, power assistance level, and trip distance. You reset trip distance by pressing the power and minus button together. The display can be tilted to adjust viewing angle. But that’s it, you’re going to want a GPS bike computer for detailed stats. I like using the Cycliq Fly12 arm that can hold your bike computer on top and your Cycliq Fly12 (camera and headlamp) below.

The fitted tyres are moderately knobbly, reasonable traction on the mountain bike trails where I found myself in full prolonged skid mode down two of the really steep descents. I have my eyes on a set of more road rolling 29” tyres as replacements when the current ones get to their end of life.

The seat is comfortable enough for me, however it keeps drifting downward as I ride, I need to adjust it up 3-5cm every hour of riding. I had this issue on my last mountain bike and solved it by clamping the rear reflector at the base of the seat post. Of course I could just lose some weight too, this might not be an issue for people under 95kg.

The Shimano Alivio thumb gear controls are excellent. Solid rapid changing with forward and backward push to change, and multi-change deep push for going to lower gears. My last mountain bike had a gear changer where you roll the handles … I’d avoid that type. There's only one cog on the chain ring, so all you get is 9 gears, which I initially thought might be a shortfall but works out to be plenty enough for everything except post 45km/h speeds. One less thing to monkey with while you're riding, and fewer mechanical things to go wrong.

Starting out, you probably should have the bike at level 0 or 1 assistance, because at level 5 you might place your foot resting on the pedals and accidentally push - suddenly the bike is off. Thrilling if you’re ready for it, not so much if you’re still in the garage aiming at a car. Note that I added caged / clipped pedals, just because that's what I'm used to and I expect this to be on the road more than trails.

Because of the law, the motor assistance cuts when you go over 25km/h. My Garmin Edge 520 disputes the measured speed but it is very close. When you hit that limit then it is all you and you will feel every bit of the 21+kg of the bicycle, yes - just ease back and let the bicycle help. Remember that most climbs the motor is just assistance, you’re going nowhere fast if you try to let the motor take all the effort. You are still going to get plenty of exercise.

But the hill climbs are amazing. Hills that you know you would not be able to scale without hopping off are now in the realms of conquering, and hills that would have your heart pumping over 180bpm as you struggle and gasp are now so much easier.

I’m sure others must have discussed this, but you get used to the added power very quickly and start to wonder if the motor is on or helping at all. It is. Just set that assistance to zero and see how you go. I’ve only had the bike for a few days but for now it’s level 5 assistance all the time. Maybe as I get fitter I will back off the assistance.

The commute to work was marred by misdirection, thanks to the lack of decent cycling infrastructure in my area. I have to run the rat maze of backstreets or do battle with aggressive work car commuters along the main streets. The local council has a very cool bicycle route planner that knows about all of the cycling paths including mountain bike trails. The planner’s suggestion was to take a direct path through a mountain bike trail, but as it was my first day out ... I’m not doing that, I tried the backstreet route. Half way out of the hills, tired of getting the turns wrong, I switched to the Google maps app, with the cycle option, because I wanted turn by turn, however this was near fatal as I was directed onto the most dangerous and cycling unfriendly road in the area, away from the bike paths and trails. Google might consider some way to fix this. I finally made it to the cycle path that took me the last 25km all the way to my destination. The Bafang max drive smoothed out the few nasty hills along the way, and brought a smile to my face. This ride was pretty damned sweet.

On the down hill sections and the flats, I could keep the VelectriX cadence up to a maximum of about 40 to 45km/h using the highest gear. For comparison, on my carbon road bike I can keep pedalling at 55-60km/h thanks to nice large chain ring. I noted that I started to feel somewhat unsafe on the VelectriX at 55+km/h, compared to 70+km/h on the carbon. Clearly mountain bikes aren’t high speed, this is nothing new.

After a ride of 38km of road travel on the VelectriX using level 5 assistance all the way across a good amount of hills, the LCD screen showed the battery level at next to empty. Not really 70km to 110km. The recharge took just under 4.5 hours which was a little more than the advertised max charge time of 4 hours, so I’m guessing the battery was about completely discharged.

After the recharge at work, the ride home was in high humidity and heat. I passed only one other rider who was also on a mountain bike and was very interested in the electric motor. He was surprised at the price, he may have been looking at brand name e-bikes which seem to start at twice the cost. By the time I got home I was exhausted, slapped on the charger and went for a shower then a nap.

The following weekend I thought I might check out the mountain bike trail, because of the commute shortcut potential. The trails wound through beautiful forest with wallabies bouncing about, hill climbs, wide tracks - it was actually wonderful. The motor assistance was excellent. I am sure I had a smile plastered to my face, even on some of the scary downhills. I really wanted to do that ride again this weekend, however a huge rain system settled in, and the region is under a flooding alert. Of course.

E-bikes add fun to cycling by removing part of the drudgery. This is early days for me on the VelectriX, but I love the ride and how the assistance has opened up routes that I would have previously avoided. I am not particularly happy with the battery life (more testing required), the battery efficiency will improve when I fit better road rolling tyres, and as I get fitter and lighter, not so lazy (level 5 assistance all the way!). The real tell is that every time I ride this bike I am smiling.

Bafang Max Drive review by the great guys at ElectricBikeReview.com

Also see a review of an older model of the Ascent+ (rear wheel motor) by ElectricBikeScoop.

Velectrix Ascent+29 (2018)
Sensor/drive: Torque sensor
Display Unit: VelectriX mini LCD display screen
Battery: Samsung 13.2ah lithium ion
Performance: Up to 110km's distance per charge
Speed: 25km/h with assisted power.
Charger: Smart charger included. Maximum charge time 4 hours (or so).

Final note: I am not a hard core cyclist, I just really need something to keep fit. Ideally, I would like to ride a couple times a week. If you're considering an e-bike vs driving a car vs public transport, you'll find that a riding a bicycle a couple times a week will save you money, get you fitter / healthier / happier - and you're outside riding a bike! For me, under two years on the bicycle for a couple times a week will pay for the bike, a function of the outrageous cost of public transport here.


Books Read 2017

Below are the books that I read during 2017 and my rating out of 5.
5ArtemisAndy Weir8h 59m
5Walk AwayCorey Doctorow19h 00m
5All These Worlds: Bobiverse, Book 3Dennis E. Taylor7h 55m
5For We Are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2Dennis E. Taylor8h 58m
4Children of TimeAdrian Tchaikovsky16h 30m
4Magpie MurdersAnthony Horowitz15h 47m
4The Bone ClocksDavid Mitchell24h 29m
4The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1John Scalzi9h 23m
4The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.Neal Stephenson,
Nicole Galland
24h 28m
4The Water KnifePaolo Bacigalupi14h 5m
4Morning Star: Book III of the Red Rising TrilogyPierce Brown21h 50m
4Critical Failures III: Caverns and Creatures, Book 3Robert Bevan7h 32m
4Critical Failures IV: The Phantom Pinas: Caverns and Creatures, Book 4Robert Bevan10h 33m
4Critical Failures II: Fail Harder: Caverns and Creatures Book 2Robert Bevan6h 35m
4Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures, Book 1Robert Bevan8h 3m
4Hard Luck Hank: Robot FartsSteven Campbell13h 13m
4The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin9h 39m
3The Science of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 4C. T. Phipps6h 5m
3The Lost Fleet: CourageousJack Campbell9h 42m
3The Lost Fleet: ValiantJack Campbell10h 13m
3The Lost Fleet: RelentlessJack Campbell9h 45m
3The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack Campbell9h 59m
3The Lost Fleet: FearlessJack Campbell9h 51m
3The Cleaner: John Milton, Book 1Mark Dawson8h 58m
2The Lost Fleet: VictoriousJack Campbell11h 17m
2The Death Cure: The Maze Runner, Book 3James Dashner8h 55m
2The Scorch Trials: The Maze Runner, Book 2James Dashner10h 26m
2The Maze Runner: The Maze Runner, Book 1James Dashner10h 53m
2The Regional Office Is Under Attack!: A NovelManuel Gonzales10h 46m


Books read 2016

Below are the books that I read during 2016 and my rating out of 5.
5The Book of RalphChristopher Steinsvold
5We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse, Book 1Dennis E. Taylor
5Leviathan Wakes: Book 1 of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey
5Caliban's War: Book 2 of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey
5The DispatcherJohn Scalzi
5Forging Zero: The Legend of ZEROSara King
5Hard Luck Hank: Screw the GalaxySteven Campbell
4Time and Time AgainBen Elton
4The Rules of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga Volume 1C.T. Phipps
4The Games of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga Book 2C.T. Phipps
4The Secrets of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 3C.T. Phipps
4The Pickwick PapersCharles Dickens
4Raising Stony MayhallDaryl Gregory
4Nemesis Games: Book 5 of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey
4Abaddon's Gate: Expanse, Book 3James S. A. Corey
4Cibola Burn: Book 4 of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey
4The End of All Things: Old Man's War, Book 6John Scalzi
4Heart of Darkness: A Signature Performance by Kenneth BranaghJoseph Conrad
4The Mysterious IslandJules Verne
4Golden Son: Book II of the Red Rising TrilogyPierce Brown
4Fear the Survivors: The Fear Saga, Book 2Stephen Moss
4Fear the Sky: The Fear Saga, Book 1Stephen Moss
4Hard Luck Hank: Suck My CosmosSteven Campbell
4Hard Luck Hank: Stank Delicious, Book 5Steven Campbell
4Hard Luck Hank: Basketful of Crap, Book 2Steven Campbell
4Hard Luck Hank: Prince of SuckSteven Campbell
3The Sam Gunn OmnibusBen Bova
3Bloodfire: Blood Destiny, Book 1Helen Harper
3Locke & KeyJoe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
3Cat's CradleKurt Vonnegut
3KindredOctavia E. Butler
3Ex-Isle: Ex-Heroes, Book 5Peter Clines
3The Halfling's Gem: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 3R. A. Salvatore
3Streams of Silver: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 2R. A. Salvatore
3The Crystal Shard: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 1R. A. Salvatore
3The Martian ChroniclesRay Bradbury
3The Hunter from the WoodsRobert McCammon
3The Wolf's HourRobert McCammon
3Fear the Future: The Fear Saga, Book 3Stephen Moss
2Dark MatterBlake Crouch
2Ark RoyalChristopher G. Nuttall
2The Nelson Touch: Ark Royal, Book 2Christopher G. Nuttall
2The Trafalgar Gambit: Ark Royal, Book 3Christopher G. Nuttall
2The RemainingD. J. Molles
2Barrayar: A Vorkosigan AdventureLois McMaster Bujold
2Shards of HonorLois McMaster Bujold
2The Harvesting (The Harvesting Series Book 1)Melanie Karsak
2The Lost StarshipVaughn Heppner
1Into the Black: Odyssey OneEvan Currie


Books read 2015

Below are the books that I read during 2015 and my rating out of 5.
5Origins of a D-List SupervillainJim Bernheimer
5AnathemNeal Stephenson
5Seveneves: A NovelNeal Stephenson
5Year Zero: A NovelRob Reid
5The Wasp FactoryIain Banks
5The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustClaire North
5Flowers For AlgernonDaniel Keys
5Steel World: Undying Mercenaries, Book 1B. V. Larson
5Dust World: Undying Mercenaries, Book 2B. V. Larson
5Tech World: Undying Mercenaries, Book 3B.V. Larson
4Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister BrainA. Lee Martinez
4Battle Station: Star Force, Book 5B. V. Larson
4Conquest: Star Force, Book 4B. V. Larson
4Empire: Star Force, Book 6B. V. Larson
4Extinction: Star Force, Book 2B. V. Larson
4Machine World: Undying Mercenaries, Book 4B. V. Larson
4Rebellion: Star Force, Book 3B. V. Larson
4The Chaplain's WarBrad R. Torgersen
4The Cycle of Arawn: The Complete TrilogyEdward W. Robertson
4ArmadaErnest Cline
4TransitionIain Banks
4Secrets of a D-List SupervillainJim Bernheimer
4Blood Rites: The Dresden Files, Book 6Jim Butcher
4Changes: The Dresden Files, Book 12Jim Butcher
4Cold Days: Dresden Files, Book 14Jim Butcher
4Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7Jim Butcher
4Death Masks: The Dresden Files, Book 5Jim Butcher
4Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book 2Jim Butcher
4Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden FilesJim Butcher
4Grave Peril: The Dresden Files, Book 3Jim Butcher
4Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8Jim Butcher
4Skin Game: The Dresden FilesJim Butcher
4Small Favor: The Dresden Files, Book 10Jim Butcher
4Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4Jim Butcher
4Turn Coat: The Dresden Files, Book 11Jim Butcher
4White Night: The Dresden Files, Book 9Jim Butcher
4The Girl with All the GiftsM. R. Carey
4Nifft the Lean: Nifft, Book 1Michael Shea
4NeverwhereNeil Gaiman
4Ex-CommunicationPeter Clines
4Ex-HeroesPeter Clines
4Ex-PatriotsPeter Clines
4Ex-PurgatoryPeter Clines
4The FoldPeter Clines
4BlindsightPeter Watts
4Altered CarbonRichard K. Morgan
4Starship TroopersRobert A. Heinlein
4SpinRobert Charles Wilson
4Infected: A NovelScott Sigler
4The Pilo Family CircusWill Elliott
3Galactic NorthAlastair Reynolds
3Annihilation: Star Force, Book 7B. V. Larson
3The Dead Sun: Star Force, Book 9B. V. Larson
3Storm Assault: Star Force, Book 8B.V. Larson
3ElantrisBrandon Sanderson
3Dark Eden: A NovelChris Beckett
3The Bad PlaceDean Koontz
3The BridgeIain Banks
3Project 731Jeremy Robinson
3Cinder: Book One of the Lunar ChroniclesMarissa Meyer
3Starship: RebelMike Resnick
3UbikPhilip K. Dick
3Off to Be the WizardScott Meyer
2The Thought PushersDima Zales, Anna Zaires
2The Thought ReadersDima Zales, Anna Zaires


Command line calendar for Windows

I created a command line calendar utility that others may find useful. Download the zip file from here. I originally coded this as an exercise in Turbo Pascal, translated into Delphi, then recently recoded into PureBasic which can create tightly compiled stand alone console executables - about one quarter the size of Delphi executables.

You can use the utility to create a MSWord doc using a mono font like Courier, by redirecting the output to a file:
cal > cal.txt
You can even fit three full years on one A4 page if you change MSWord's page orientation to landscape and reduce the margins
cal n=36 w=6 > cal.txt

Usage: cal Y=nnnn M=nn N=nn W=[1,2,3,4,6,12] S=nn T
Y = year of calendar; default=current year; cal Y=2000
YX = year of calendar without correction for 0-99
M = start month; default=1 (January)
N = number of months; default=12
W = nr months in a row; default=3
S = nr horizontal spaces between months; default=3
T = use tab instead of spaces - good for export to spreadsheet; cal T > caltab.txt

January 2015           February 2015          March 2015        
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
             1  2  3    1  2  3  4  5  6  7    1  2  3  4  5  6  7
 4  5  6  7  8  9 10    8  9 10 11 12 13 14    8  9 10 11 12 13 14
11 12 13 14 15 16 17   15 16 17 18 19 20 21   15 16 17 18 19 20 21
18 19 20 21 22 23 24   22 23 24 25 26 27 28   22 23 24 25 26 27 28
25 26 27 28 29 30 31                          29 30 31          
April 2015             May 2015               June 2015         
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
          1  2  3  4                   1  2       1  2  3  4  5  6
 5  6  7  8  9 10 11    3  4  5  6  7  8  9    7  8  9 10 11 12 13
12 13 14 15 16 17 18   10 11 12 13 14 15 16   14 15 16 17 18 19 20
19 20 21 22 23 24 25   17 18 19 20 21 22 23   21 22 23 24 25 26 27
26 27 28 29 30         24 25 26 27 28 29 30   28 29 30          
July 2015              August 2015            September 2015    
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
          1  2  3  4                      1          1  2  3  4  5
 5  6  7  8  9 10 11    2  3  4  5  6  7  8    6  7  8  9 10 11 12
12 13 14 15 16 17 18    9 10 11 12 13 14 15   13 14 15 16 17 18 19
19 20 21 22 23 24 25   16 17 18 19 20 21 22   20 21 22 23 24 25 26
26 27 28 29 30 31      23 24 25 26 27 28 29   27 28 29 30       
                       30 31                                    
October 2015           November 2015          December 2015     
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
             1  2  3    1  2  3  4  5  6  7          1  2  3  4  5
 4  5  6  7  8  9 10    8  9 10 11 12 13 14    6  7  8  9 10 11 12
11 12 13 14 15 16 17   15 16 17 18 19 20 21   13 14 15 16 17 18 19
18 19 20 21 22 23 24   22 23 24 25 26 27 28   20 21 22 23 24 25 26
25 26 27 28 29 30 31   29 30                  27 28 29 30 31      


Books read 2014

Below are the books that I read during 2014 and my rating out of 5.
5+The MartianAndy Weir
5+Ready Player OneErnest Cline
5+Gone Girl: A NovelGillian Flynn
5InfluxDaniel Suarez
5GatewayFrederik Pohl
5The World at the End of TimeFrederik Pohl
5At the Mountains of MadnessH. P. Lovecraft
5Against a Dark BackgroundIain M. Banks
5Feersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
5Look to Windward: Culture SeriesIain M. Banks
5MatterIain M. Banks
5Fuzzy NationJohn Scalzi
5Lock InJohn Scalzi
5Old Man's War (OMW#1)John Scalzi
5The Ghost Brigades (OMW#2)John Scalzi
5The Human Division (OMW#5)John Scalzi
5The Last Colony (OMW#3)John Scalzi
5Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted HackerKevin Mitnick, W.L.Simon
5Red RisingPierce Brown
5Dimension of MiraclesRobert Sheckley
4BlackoutConnie Willis
4Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory Doctorow
4Freedom (TM)Daniel Suarez
4The Pixar Touch: The Making of a CompanyDavid A. Price
4The Dragon in the SeaFrank Herbert
4Beyond the Blue Event HorizonFrederik Pohl
4Heechee RendezvousFrederik Pohl
4The Annals of the HeecheeFrederik Pohl
4The Boy Who Would Live ForeverFrederik Pohl
4The Space MerchantsFrederik Pohl, C.M.Kornbluth
4The AlgebraistIain M. Banks
4Confessions of a D-List SupervillainJim Bernheimer
4Storm FrontJim Butcher
4A Hymn Before Battle: Legacy of the AldenataJohn Ringo
4Rules of PreyJohn Sanford
4Agent to the StarsJohn Scalzi
4The Android's DreamJohn Scalzi
4Zoe's Tale (OMW#4)John Scalzi
4Monster Hunter InternationalLarry Correia
4Hollow WorldMichael J. Sullivan
4American GodsNeil Gaiman
4The Junkie QuatrainPeter Clines
4TimeboundRysa Walker
4A short stay in HellSteven Peck
4The 9th GirlTami Hoag
3The Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester
3FarsideBen Bova
3Grave SightCharlaine Harris
3All ClearConnie Willis
3The PlaygroundRay Bradbury
3A Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M. Miller
2Kill DecisionDaniel Suarez
2OutlanderDiana Gabaldon
2Whipping StarFrank Herbert
2BrillianceMarcus Sakey
2Zero Day: A Jeff Aiken NovelMark Russinovich
2The Cat Who Walks through WallsRobert Heinlein
2FlashforwardRobert J. Sawyer
2NeuromancerWilliam Gibson

Books Read 2018

Below are the books that I read during 2018 and my rating out of 5. Rating Title Author Length 5 The Happiest Refugee Anh Do 6h 31m 5 Al...