Books Read 2017

Below are the books that I read during 2017 and my rating out of 5.
5ArtemisAndy Weir8 hrs and 59 mins
5Walk AwayCorey Doctorow19hrs and 00 mins
5All These Worlds: Bobiverse, Book 3Dennis E. Taylor7 hrs and 55 mins
5For We Are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2Dennis E. Taylor8 hrs and 58 mins
4Children of TimeAdrian Tchaikovsky16 hrs and 30 mins
4Magpie MurdersAnthony Horowitz15 hrs and 47 mins
4The Bone ClocksDavid Mitchell24 hrs and 29 mins
4The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1John Scalzi9 hrs and 23 mins
4The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland24 hrs and 28 mins
4The Water KnifePaolo Bacigalupi14 hrs and 5 mins
4Morning Star: Book III of the Red Rising TrilogyPierce Brown21 hrs and 50 mins
4Critical Failures III: Caverns and Creatures, Book 3Robert Bevan7 hrs and 32 mins
4Critical Failures IV: The Phantom Pinas: Caverns and Creatures, Book 4Robert Bevan10 hrs and 33 mins
4Critical Failures II: Fail Harder: Caverns and Creatures Book 2Robert Bevan6 hrs and 35 mins
4Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures, Book 1Robert Bevan8 hrs and 3 mins
4Hard Luck Hank: Robot FartsSteven Campbell13 hrs and 13 mins
4The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin9 hrs and 39 mins
3The Science of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 4C. T. Phipps6 hrs and 5 mins
3The Lost Fleet: CourageousJack Campbell9 hrs and 42 mins
3The Lost Fleet: ValiantJack Campbell10 hrs and 13 mins
3The Lost Fleet: RelentlessJack Campbell9 hrs and 45 mins
3The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack Campbell9 hrs and 59 mins
3The Lost Fleet: FearlessJack Campbell9 hrs and 51 mins
3The Cleaner: John Milton, Book 1Mark Dawson8 hrs and 58 mins
2The Lost Fleet: VictoriousJack Campbell11 hrs and 17 mins
2The Death Cure: The Maze Runner, Book 3James Dashner8 hrs and 55 mins
2The Scorch Trials: The Maze Runner, Book 2James Dashner10 hrs and 26 mins
2The Maze Runner: The Maze Runner, Book 1James Dashner10 hrs and 53 mins
2The Regional Office Is Under Attack!: A NovelManuel Gonzales10 hrs and 46 mins

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