No to Australian Clean Feed

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia The "Clean Feed" sounds like a really good idea. But it is not.

A plan is afoot in Australian Federal government that is going to make the internet worse for nearly everybody to stop a tiny minority of pervs who will easily bypass these measures anyway. A large investment and inconvenience for no effect other than being seen to do something.

The "Clean Feed" will slow your internet access down, making it unusable for some purposes that rely on speed.

The "Clean Feed" will block legitimate web sites, not on purpose, but because they will trigger flags in the filter algorithms, such as breast cancer sites.

The "Clean Feed" opens the way for future abuse, where the filter is used to block unflattering information and legitimate criticisms of the government or of companies with effective lobbyists in the government.

The "Clean Feed" will cost a lot to implement.

The "Clean Feed" won't prevent the determined people from obtaining the illegal or explicit material that they want.

The "Clean Feed" cannot guarantee that explicit material will never accidentally slip past and be viewed by children.

Just stupid. Stop the failure before it begins.

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