Caring government gives tax break to needy rich

Image stolen and edited from http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/5-11-28/35086.html If this is not OK just let me know and I will remove it - I couldn't find an email address for Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty. Mind you, this is heavily edited by me.For too long the rich have suffered at the hands of the poor, but oh how the tables are turning now. Take that you evil poor people. Draining valuable money from the coffers of the wealthy for petty things like food, rent, health and education while the rich go without a luxury yacht, second holiday home and ivory back scratchers. Don't you people realise that spoiled snotty kids are extremely demanding?! Plastic surgery isn't getting any cheaper either, and have you seen cocaine prices lately? It's insane.

The Prime Minister says about the budget "One of the best ways to help people with high petrol prices is to put money in their pockets." Which means the wealthy can keep guzzling fuel via their oversized four wheel drive vehicles while the poor should stay at home, in their own suburbs, away from the wealthy people. $36 billion and major investment in roads and infrastructure so the wealthy have nice smooth roads to use their fuel upon.

Peter Costello, champion of the rich business man. Making it easier for them to fire poor people for no reason at all. Giving $37 billion to the few wealthy amounts to about $120/week. Imagine how the poor would waste $120 a week. They might get themselves educated, afford child care so they can work, get out of debt cycles and eventually not be poor anymore. Who will the wealthy oppress then?

Yes, I'm sure his tax break wins praise from the uber wealthy who run the media. The media are only too happy to roll over and report what their wealthy masters tell them to.

What can the small guy do? Aren't you glad you left your union? Aren't you glad you stopped going to church? These two institutions were the power house of social justice for the masses but you've deserted them and let yourselves down. The media played no small part in this, of course, paedophile priests, union bashing. What does the small guy want to do? Nothing. Apathy will drive this alleged democracy into the dictatorial realms we used to associate with juntas and communism. Your rights and lifestyle are being eroded and you simply shrug. As long as there is tv, footy and beer. The wealthy are organised, they have a plan and they are going to take you down and keep you there.

Check out News.com's calculations to see how well you do out of the pork barrelling.


Mick said...

I vote Simon for PM and/or Treasurer.

who's with me?

Narbs said...

Australia has become really anti-union. Always happens when the going is good - pretty short-sighted though.
Of course, if some churches were involved there'd be a lot more proletariat around...

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