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Image hosting by PhotobucketJust browsing about and realised I should share the links I think are interesting. Places I regularly go to and new places that seem fun.

Sign up for this. It is a tech (etc) oriented news site that is user driven. One of the really neat features is that you can "digg" an article and it adds it to your digg bookmarks which you can later go back and investigate in more detail. Since using Digg I have read the venerable "Slashdot a lot less.

Very new site where users can pose questions and answers. It is under development but kind of fun to browse through and add your own opinion. Amusing for a while.

A quick mash up of the popular news/tech sites, giving you headlines and some neat images. A great way to get introduced to the sites that it references.

Absolutely awesome site for selecting an ISP in Australia. You can also get involved with their forums where users discus ISPs and other IT/comms related subjects. Very informative.

These guys will spam you in a very ordered way, you respond to the spam and they will allow you to send SMS messages from their web site. Very handy!

Sure you can set up your own server at home and fiddle with software until the cows come home, suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous ISP connections. Or you can blog your stuff at Blogger which is owned by the Google people and let them worry about bandwidth and such.

These guys will monitor your websites / blogs for you and tell you about the people who visit your sites. You simply copy their script in to your template / page code and wait for the stats to roll in. Ah yes, people keep reading my "Microwave Popcorn Kills" article for some reason.

Gmail rocks so very hard. I have email accounts all over the place and GMail's interface is the best. Spam filtering, message sorting - very very nice. You need to be invited tho, so email me and I will get you in (this implies that you ALREADY know my email address). You should never use the free email account provided to you by your ISP. It ties you to your ISP. You should also not use your work email address to message friends, because you may change jobs and/or work may be monitoring your mail.

Pandora is an excellent way to discover new music by groups who make similar music to the groups that you like. It is free, sounds excellent and gives you that buzz of delight when you think "That sounds great - never heard of them before!"

List of links
Then there is my list of links which should contain everything above and more. Of note is the list of stores which has price comparisons. Under misc are weather forecasts, tv guides, trans info (schedules for public transport), etc and so on.

Recommend: Ask a Ninja, Dr Karl's Great Moments in Science, Dr Karl on triple J, Engadget, Inside the Net, Late Night Live, Ockham's Razor, Security Now, The Health Report, The Science Show, The Spirit of Things, this Week in Tech, What's New Now.


Aaron Keogh said...

Just wondering if you'd be interested in bloging / podcasting about Matrixstream's cutting edge video on demand and IPTV Technology ( TV over broadband ). This is a technology that allows the consumer to receive a potential for unlimited VOD / IPTV content up to 1080P in H.264 codec over any broadband connection on a PC Player or set top box for TV ( IMX1020 1080P High definition STB - the world's first 1080P H.264 STB ) If you'd like to see pictures and video's of the this new STB you can go to www.matrixstream.com/presskit . Let us know if your interested.

Yours Truly Aaron Keogh

Tel: 604-291-7727

E-mail: aaron@matrixstream.com

Website: www.matrixstream.com

neoporcupine said...

Aw Aaron - that sounds way too much like spam. A quick google shows you've been planting the same message all over the place. Not really a good move.

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