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Back in the days when we were first thinking about POP1, we wanted to have a cartoon featured. None of us had even a modicum of artistic skill but we all thought we were fairly witty. This simple online tool Strip Generator allows you to create very basic comic strips without much fuss. There are some shortfalls, like you can't change facial expressions and there is only a very limited set of "items" but you can usually still get across what you want and damn if it aint fun. Just look at my example - it is the same image in each frame; minutes to construct. I made two more comics based on almost the exact same background unchanged. Creative.

Of course you could do a similar thing using clip art and whatever graphics package you might have. People have recommended Comic Life for the Mac which takes your digital images and lets you arrange, title and balloon them like a comic (I am tempted to try it out).

Well it is either use something like this Strip Generator or I am going to have to buy a Wacom Graphire4 and get my drawing skills up to muster. I may still do that.

Also check out Pixton.

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