Fahrenheit 911

If you live in the USA - you suck. "Bowling for Columbine", "Super Size Me" and now "Fahrenheit 911" have pointed the finger firmly on the USA sucking and sucking hard. You should also check out Ron Suskind's article in Time, a long read but adds to the flavour of the conversation here.

To start with, I read Dave Kopel's rebuff to the movie in question. If everything that Dave says is true about the problems in "Farenheight 911" then what is left of the movie is still very much troubling and still leads one to conclude that there exists extreme suckage in the USA. Dave includes assertions that the Democrats have been just as bad as Bush, which isn't any argument for Bush or against the movie. It simply means the USA sucks either way. The inconsistencies and mistruths that Dave claims he found in the movie are interesting, but they are so couched in Dave's opinion that it's like a small school boy name calling fight. In fact, after careful reading, I think Dave's only evidence is well crafted propaganda. You have to really read the lines hard and wonder at the source, the source's motives and how they can possibly know what Dave claims they are saying. Dave appears as petty and politically motivated as he alledges Michael Moore is. Dave's article is still well worth reading. I always like to gain a counter view for balance and Dave does provide this. Dave reminds me of the movie nitpickers that make quite good reading, despite missing the whole point of watching the movie.

Michael Moore tells a story in an interesting and humourous manner. I was entertained and felt better informed when I left the theatre. My opinions didn't change any but were slightly re-inforced. Dave tempered that slightly but not much. If Michael Moore can get even half of the community response with "Fahrenheit 911" that Morgan Spurlock got with "Super Size Me" then there will be BIG changes in the USA. I'm figuring that the Republicans will probably do the personality attack on Moore and possibly hand waving the issues aside.

I guess if I lived in the USA and couldn't emigrate then, then after watching this movie, I would be more likely to go out and vote to make sure that the tragedy of the idiot president was less likely. The world is judging the USA by George Bush the Second. Who gives a damn if you voted for him or not, he's the top guy in your country. Obnoxious, ignorant, corrupt, greedy, bullying. Yup, USA, you suck. Here's the kicker: the rest of the world has always seen you like this.

Does even Dave Kopel think George Bush the Second is really a top president? An excellent person? A truly honest person? Altruistic? If you rush to compare with the other side of politics then you've missed the point.

Homeland security, patriot act, loss of freedoms, Microsoft - will all become words of fear. We all know that the yanks love fear. How much more can a government push their populace before people snap and start using their right to arm themselves.

The USA should realise that the people of the middle east hold grudges for a very very long time.

Sleep safely USA, it was fun knowing you. I, for one, would like to welcome our soon to be sole super power - the Chinese.

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