Dreamweaver sucks and rocks. I hate how it crashes and hangs, and changes templates. I love how it find all sorts of different things wrong with your code and can optimise the complete rubbish that comes out of Microsoft products. Dreamweaver is also excellent for site wide updates, using libraries, templates, search and replace with REGULAR EXPRESSIONS (wooohooo!)

I had our IT support install DreamWeaver MX to do some major editing about our site (11,000 html pages, 20,000+ objects all up). I found the patch and applied it. I found that I had not got the latest version so I put in a request for an upgrade.

DreamWeaver MX (6.1)
* Indented my source code even when I had specifically unchecked the switch in Edit/Pref/CodeFmt/Indent. Either the option is just being ignored or some config file is broken.
* The last setting for my "Show Code and Design view" always minimises the Design view on startup
* Library items! I *love* the idea, but my incomplete tables in library items are automatically being completed! Makes it useless for most of my requirements can't find anywhere to turn this completion off.
* When I drag a library item from the Assets to the Code, it indents and wraps the library item. And then completes the code (as above)
Dream Weaver MX 2004 7.0.1
I had DreamWeaver MX 2004 7.0 installed and applied the patch to 7.0.1. It converted my site over, but unfortunately I ran DreamWeaver 6.1 again which did something to the cache that stopped 7.0.1 working. I found the cache file and deleted it, 7.0.1 rebuilt it and worked from that point on.
* The LibraryItems don't automatically force close tags! But
(a) the design view does not render the page correctly - the rendering behaves as if there was a close table at the end of the library item. View in external browser shows the page properly rendered. The HTML validation shows no errors.
(b) Sometimes "<!-- #EndLibraryItem -->" is displayed in design view, highlighted with a yellow bg; incorrectly stating that the tag is unclosed or overlapping. The HTML validation shows no errors.

Otherwise I love DreamWeaver. Despite the occasional crashes.

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