Aug 2006 Apple Developers Conference (WWDC)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingUninspiring journalist, Leander Kahney, whines about not being pandered to at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Because Leander didn't get any toys he writes some drivel along the lines of "Steve Jobs' keynote speech on Monday was the most uninspiring he's given in recent memory. It hints at the trouble Apple will be in marketing-wise if he ever steps down."

I watched the presentation, and it is the same style and pacing as all the other presentations that Steve Jobs has given except that he lets other people have centre stage for sections.

Leander Kahney went in believing the various rumours and were going around (Apple mobile, video iPod, all Macs updated to Core 2 Duo etc) and because he didn't get his toys, he went away disappointed.

However there was quite a bit of cheering by the developers about what was on offer. Very similar to other key notes. And it is a DEVELOPER'S CONFERENCE, not a gizmo conference. The sessions are aimed at OSX developers, and Leander got bored wondering why they weren't pandering to his need for flashy lights and shiney objects. Poor journalist was disgruntled that he didn't get his video iPod, or that it wasn't an all-Steve show.

Really, after watching the whole keynote from Apples website, I was hyped! I want Webclips, I want the new voice synthesis, XCode3, Spaces, Time Machine, and I definitely want the new iChat! Hot damn that looks sweet. Not to mention the new Mac Pro and XServe.

Watch the keynote and make up your own mind. Warning: you will want to switch.

After you have watched the keynote, you should visit Digg, log in, mark the article as inaccurate.

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