Flickr and Blogger

This is an example of clicking "Blog This" in Flickr and having it automatically create a blog entry in Blogger. This shows how services from Yahoo can integrate so smoothly with services from rival company: Google. A symbol of peace in our time.

So after configuring Flickr with my Blogger information, everything is all set to have my "Bribie Island Birds in Sunset" image splattered up in an article. Flickr has a free account that limits you to uploading 20Meg of photos per month and only the last 200 will be shown in your library, which should be plenty for the casual blogger esp if you are clever about resizing your images to sensible dimensions (1280x960 is great, 800x600 is enough). Oh, and they say they may delete your account if it becomes inactive for 90 days; I have a regularly accessed Yahoo email account which is used as the login for Flickr so I think inactivity isn't going happen any time soon. You can pay a low yearly fee and you get way more upload, no expiry and a bunch of other features.

There is also this pretty cool flickr badge feature which is buried deep in the help. Flick badge lets you create html code, or a flash object that you put into your blog template or on any old page really. The badge displays is quite configurable and will display images from your flickr site or everybody's.

I'm sure there are a bunch of other features in Flickr that I am missing but for me at the moment, this is quite enough to recommend the service. Hopefully Yahoo can continue to pay the exceedingly large bandwidth bill for Flickr and not pass it on to us free account holders but I imagine there will come a time where we have to decide if we want to register or cancel.

Flickr is a pretty good way to get your images on display.

So now I have tested blogging directly from Digg, Picassa, Photobucket and now Flickr. Woohoo! The whole world is gearing up to let me create pointless articles that you never wanted to read. Sweeeeet.

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