YouTube is a phenomenon. Anyone can post their video up on the net for anyone else to watch. 99% of the content is complete rubbish, there are only a couple gems, ah but what gems they are.

And the Evil Easter Bunny is just a great tribute to amatuer film. Kevin Smith did a great spoof of the junk on YouTube included in his Clerks II Behind the Scenes Special which should be rated not suitable for people to watch (this Special not the movie).

Search for your favourite people like Bill Gates and get great videos like Bill Gates & Napoleon Dynamite (helps a LOT if you have seen the movie "Napoleon Dynamite").

Seek and ye shall find.

Actually that's about it.

So what is the attraction to YouTube? Well. Boredom I guess. Seeing what other people do when they are bored. Damn this completely discovered world! You need a double PhD to do any real exploration these days. With no excitement of discovery we could watch YouTube or spray paint a building. These are the choices.

I have heard some rumours that good people at PhotoBucket are moving towards a YouTubesque interface and there are claims from certain podcasts that I listen to that Photobucket have a similar upload rates to YouTube but all I see is a new option to upload video.

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