Moon!Fun with digital cameras! Nice full(ish) moon rising last night, so I haul out my 10 inch dobsonian mount telescope, place my Canon IXY700 into a barlow and focus. I can only get the focus right if the camera is in the barlow and I have full zoom (including digital - yuk). I snap a dozen shots or so of mediocre quality images of small parts of the moon. I decide to pack up, but would have a look using the old eyeballs, so I remove the barlow and whack a moon filter on a 20mm Plossl. Sweet crystal clear vision, gotta love the moon. I then decide to place the camera straight up against the lense. Not ideal as humans aren't the steadiest of camera bases but I get quite good results of the entire moon in one frame. Nice! Not as good as a special purpose telescope CCD, and certainly not as good as looking through the scope yourself, but still pretty sweet. Posted by Picasa

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