What SciFi/Fantasy character are you?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You? What sort of Sci-fi/Fantasy character am I? Well I never really thought about it much. Spock (Star Trek) is a little cold but I admire him immensely. Q (Star Trek) became a better character as the various series rolled by. I could also identify with anything that was trying to kill the Voyager crew (Star Trek) - I wanted them all dead too. I also admire Avon (Blakes 7) for his sarcasm and cold heartedness. I love the shepherd (shepard) character on Firefly and Captain Mal also has a very interesting mix of morals. Prince (Lexx) is a very neat villain. And after taking the test, yes I definitely admire the mysterious Kosh (Babylon 5) character, but I don't really think that reflects me.

Thinking about it carefully, and looking through lists of science fiction movies and series ... there aren't really that many characters that stick out in my mind as being someone who I would want to be like. Is this a shortfall on the part of the sci-fi writers. They generate characters who are basically the same, may have a flaw or two, some sort of signature personality traits then try to make them good. The most interesting characters turn out to be the villains. The heroes are just doing what they have to do to maintain the status quo.

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Did you see Serenity - we went the other night. I really, really liked it - the acting was good (in the most part), the effects were nicely integrated etc. I'd like it to come back to TV - the characters are strong enough. And River was amazing - they focused on her heavily but she held up her end. I would have liked to see more from the cute mechanic though and his mistress as well - two women who (like most) could have had way more depth. I felt like it would have been torture in the cutting room cause there were many stories to tell. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I'm considering seeing it again at the movies and that is very rare. It's refreshing to see a film take some risks and come up with the goods.

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