Brisbane Lions

The Australian Rules football club known as "The Brisbane Lions" have to be the top team playing. They have been playing extremely well and looked a certainty to win the premiership for the fourth time in a row. Three weeks ago they were a few points away from being FOUR times the opposition's score. Lions' supporters were over the moon. Other club supporters: not so happy. Nothing looked like stopping us.

Until two weeks ago. The Sydney Swans who have been doing a reasonably good job for a long time beat us. Beat us bad. Which was very odd, given the state of play. Then today we get beaten by West Coast. Not by very much. Although the umpiring was woeful, the Lions weren't playing very well at all. Unusually poorly in fact. There were four simple and straight forward kicks or hand passes that went straight to an unopposed Eagles team.

Conspiracy theories:
(1) having the Lions or any team looking like they will dominate the entire game is bad for the marketing of AFL.
(2) Having the Lions specifically appearing to dominate will cause trouble with the alleged inflated cap we have and cause the administration to reconsider and possibly revoke any industry.
(3) The Lions want any/every non Victorian team in the finals they can get and are willing to lose to them to give them confidence.

For the moment, let's just say that we sucked for the last two games.

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