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I was driving home listening to Radio National. They were talking about "Blogging" which always seemed like a great idea to me, allows you to vent your ideas and views to the world as well as record your life in some detail for others to ignore in the future. I had something like that going on my work machine, and on a personal web page that I scrapped. I wrote an ASP script for POP1 but the host site went bust and we couldn't get the data back off them because they had all left the country or something. I had a backup a couple months old so I wrote a script to pump out the main pages over at geocities, then Atomic Armageddon and of course POP1 is still going in some form or other.

I find writing fun, when I can get the time. Yes, it is very cathartic if you have to vent your spleen. It also helps to crystallise your thoughts.

I was browsing the Google menu system to see if they offered their image search engine for your own site (if they do - I can't find it) and I stumbled across Blogger (which Google has bought). OK. Let's give that a go then. I will blend this blogger site in with my personal page by playing with templates.

But in the meantime you should all go read Brown=Terrorist

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