Presidential power

A long time ago I used a speech given by George Bush the Second (President of United States) in a parody. It was an extract from one of his really dumb speeches. Hmmm, that doesn't narrow it down any. I used a speech that GBII made just after the collapse of the world trade centre. We were having some problems with network hackers because the bozos who were configuring the machines had left the administrator password blank. The computers were being taken over and used as ftp servers. Didn't take long to spot and correct but there was concern amongst the general populace. So I sent out this email which was every bit as bad as George Bush II but with "hacker" replacing terrorist, and "our network" replacing "our country". Worked really well.

Well I wanted to parody the speech again, using different keywords. However, trying to find the speech was incredibly difficult. Our lord and master "google" failed to come up with the goods. I sat and stared at the screen for a number of seconds, checking the keywords I had used. I was sure they were correct, no spelling mistakes. But they were returning nothing at all. I checked Alta Vista and finally MetaCrawler with the same results.

After I ruled out the WTC collapse as being a figment of my imagination, and the speech as being a poorly written sit com script that my fevered brain had merged into this little nightmare ... I started thinking "Conspiracy!" The bot at google was recording my searches and I was being marked as a left wing unamerican hippy, homeland security would already have my picture and satellites were turning their lenses my way. Hey, it was late.

Well, of course, I decide to go to the whitehouse website and use the search there. Sure enough, up it came. So no news organisation archived the speech, nobody had the few key words of a particularly stupid paragraph that I was searching for. I found out about the speech from a news site, I read it there, I copied it from there - I don't hang around the whitehouse speech site, that's not a healthy thing to do. So news sites dump their archives. Hard drives are cheap guys!

Actually I think the US government pulls speeches. The power to control information is too great, and I am sure that all people going to the whitehouse, using particular search keywords or going to particular speeches ... will all be getting the homeland rectal exams. But who can prove it?

Why doesn't the us government allow indexing of their information?

Why doesn't anyone else have a copy of this particular speech?

The obvious answer is that George Bush the second is an idiot ruler and the government is seriously embarrassed. I actually think the reason for the lack of searching the government sites is much more sinister. But I would.

George Bush the second sitting at the centre of the axis of evil.

Google ... have you sold out?

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