Books Read 2018

Below are the books that I read during 2018 and my rating out of 5.

5The Happiest RefugeeAnh Do6h 31m
5AlterWorld: Play to Live, Book 1D. Rus12h 13m
5Inferno: Play to Live, Book 4D. Rus9h 58m
5The Clan: Play to Live, Book 2D. Rus12h 24m
5The Duty: Play to Live, Book 3D. Rus11h 23m
5Dungeon Born: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 1Dakota Krout12h 32m
5Dungeon Calamity: Divine Dungeon, Book 3Dakota Krout13h 12m
5Dungeon Madness: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 2Dakota Krout12h 1m
5The Singularity TrapDennis E. Taylor11h 23m
5Persepolis RisingJames S. A. Corey20h 34m
5ZodiacNeal Stephenson10h 16m
5True History of the Kelly GangPeter Carey13h 32m
5After On: A Novel of Silicon ValleyRob Reid22h 5m
4RevengerAlastair Reynolds14 h 38m
4Delvers LLC: Welcome to LudusBlaise Corvin13h 28m
4Obligations Incurred: Delvers LLC, Book 2Blaise Corvin9h 31m
4The Battle: Play to Live, Book 5D. Rus10h 17m
4The War: Play to Live, Book 6D. Rus10h 4m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack 2Devon C. Ford12h 11m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack 3Devon C. Ford13h 28m
4After It Happened: Publisher's Pack, Books 1 & 2Devon C. Ford12h 39m
4Going Rogue: Spells, Swords, & Stealth Series, Book 3Drew Hayes15h 19m
4NPCsDrew Hayes7h 50m
4Second Hand CursesDrew Hayes9h
4Split the Party: Spells, Swords, & Stealth Series #2Drew Hayes11h 19m
4My Squirrel DaysEllie Kemper6h 14m
4King Solomon's MinesHenry Rider Haggard8h 50m
4Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max [Redacted], Book 1J. L. Bourne8h 5m
4Babylon's Ashes: Book Six of the ExpanseJames S. A. Corey19 h 58m
4Strange DogsJames S. A. Corey2 h 29m
4The Vital Abyss: An Expanse NovellaJames S. A. Corey2 h 26m
4InfiniteJeremy Robinson10h 21m
4StarswarmJerry Pournelle10 hrs
4Critical Failures V: Caverns and Creatures, Book 5Robert Bevan9h 33m
4Winter TideRuthanna Emrys12h 29m
4Red Seas Under Red SkiesScott Lynch25h 34m
4The Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch21h 59m
4The OutsiderStephen King18h 41m
4Will Save the Galaxy for FoodYahtzee Croshaw10h 20m
3Our Mutual FriendCharles Dickens36h 33m
3The Ultimation: Play to Live, Book 7: Play to Live, Book 7D. Rus9h 6m
3The Long TomorrowLeigh Brackett8h 27m
3InterfaceNeal Stephenson,
J. Frederick George
25h 15m
3Streams of Silver: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 2R. A. Salvatore11 h 54m
3The Crystal Shard: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 1R. A. Salvatore12 h 2m
3The Republic of ThievesScott Lynch23h 43m
3Shadowlith: Umbral Blade, Book 1Stuart Thaman7h 37m
2Silicon BloodArlan Andrews Sr.9h 57m
2Mother GoJames Patrick Kelly9h 56m
2Calculating GodRobert J. Sawyer12h 4m
2The TellingUrsula K. Le Guin6h 57m

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Books Read 2018

Below are the books that I read during 2018 and my rating out of 5. Rating Title Author Length 5 The Happiest Refugee Anh Do 6h 31m 5 Al...